WinEject 2.0

WinEject opens and closes devices like CD-ROM, DVD drives, and removable media

WinEject is a handy application for opening and closing small Windows like CD-ROM, DVD drives and other removable media like streamer tapes etc. Some of its key features include: provision to support multiple drives, use of mouse and hotkeys to open and close by clicking on the icon, automatic eject while shutting down, simple installation. It can be used with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

Another important feature is the automatic eject, which ensures that when user logs-off from windows the disk is ejected automatically or a warning message is displayed so that user can never forget his disk inside. Before the writable disk is ejected, Wineject flushes system’s cache and data is written onto the disk safely hence no data can be lost, and in case data is not written onto the disk before ejecting, it can be written the next time when the disk is inserted without any overwriting problem.

User can lock the drives to prevent access by unauthorized hands by disabling manual button and access it using only Wineject icon and hotkeys. Functionalities of Wineject can be invoked from command line interface, which is a very helpful feature while handling batch files where disk can be automatically ejected after the work is done, and also supports networking so that the user can access it remotely.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Simple features and easy to use


  • Offers support only up to Windows XP
  • Must register after 30 days
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